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RAP-PAK Systems

Giving Batch Plants More Options!

For years, batch plants have taken a back seat to drum plants when it comes to running RAP.  They have been limited by their designs to low % RAP mixes . That has been true until NOW! 

But not anymore!

Meeker Equipment's system allows batch plants to produce mixes with up to 30% RAP and some plants are using as much as 40% RAP! This sounds hard to believe but it is true! Batch plants are making high quality mixes with RAP percentages in the 30% to 40% RAP in them. 

To run high RAP % in a batch plant it is critical to deal with the vapors and steam created during production. Meeker does this with our unique Vapor Recovery System (VRS) which positively controls the steam in the RAP heating process. We control the way the RAP is fed into the mixer allowing us to evenly distribute the rap yet not effect overall production through the plant.

Some producers use our RAP PAK system coupled with our warm mix system to produce superior mixes with even higher RAP percentages.

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